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$KURK1 / Freelance project


$kurk1 is a professional hip-hop producer based in Bergen, Norway, focusing on sampling and the old-school 90’s era underground hip-hop sound. 
He needs a logo, typeface and a design manual for his brand. The niche genre he works in is closely connected to the graffiti scene and he wants an identity that pays homage to that.


The customer wanted a simple logo that could put a character to his name. I have tried to incorporate the graffiti style into the logo, but also play on the name “Skurken” which mean “The villain” in Norwegian.
The logo type itself is handwritten by me which was natural to do as I have a background in the field. 

Although the customer was not that interested in it himself, I set up a small design manual and assigned a font, “Avenir/Arial”, as the primary typeface for his communication.

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Finished design

References and inspiration

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