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Jonas Rømer

I am a 25 year old multi-creative person with a bachelor degree in Graphic Design. I love telling visual stories! I dabble in photography, mostly personal, but sometimes professional too. 

I get my drive from creating, the canvas or tools are not that important. I have a passion for computers, but you can still find me with dirty hands in a workshop, burning my fingers on a soldering iron or scribbling sketches on my rectus femoris with a tattoo machine.

I am an autodidact in many fields; I love learning new things and I believe that having an understanding and being curious of the world around you can greatly improve other aspects of life, or design in that matter.

I have been brought up around the outdoors and since before I could walk, I have been out hiking in nature with my parents and my sister.

Nature has been a big inspiration to me and it continues to inspire me and give me a drive to this day. 



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