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 Hi guys! 

 My name is 

 Jonas Rømer 


 Thats me  

That's me in St Anton!

I like telling visual stories, I enjoy nature very much and I try to inspire other people to seek the same feeling as I do through my design and videos.

I have a bachelor degree in Graphic Design,

which has given me a lot of insight and knowledge in the world of visual communication.


Jungelen is a record label, club concept and apparel brand. I do all of their promotional work and other design and video related work. I recently made a short documentary for them which you can find here.

Under you can see some of the promotional videos I have made for their instagram and some photos I took and edited for their clothing line.

I have only edited these videos, the raw material is not by me. Please understand that I do not necessarily agree with all decisions made in the design of these videos, but the final call were not mine to make.

 Story promotion 

As I lived and worked in Austria last year, I made a guide and an After Effects template so they could make these easily without my assistance. Just import photo/video and add text, super simple and the feedback was great!

 Story count down 

I made this little countdown story video to remind people that the event was happening soon, this was Alejandro's idea. 

IG promo for a new single




Here's a small collection of before and after photos just to show a couple of different techniques.

Last one is just for laughs...

If u want to see more photos, please look here.

I am both a content creator and an editor. 

As mentioned earlier, I like to tell visual stories. It came pretty natural to me to create a mini video series showcasing my summer exploration and try to tell some interesting stories. This is the first episode in the serie and was filmed at the abandoned Redcar blast furnace.

I do a lot of personal projects as it is one of my favorite hobbies. Sometimes, the videos get picked up by companies, like the one under, which originally was just a fun private edit that turned into a paid promotion for Bergen City Bikes!


Here is a couple of posters and flyers I have made for Start UiB, Simon Alejandro and a short film.

If you want to see more work, see my CV or have if you any other questions please contact me at:

  • Facebook
  • YouTube
  • Instagram 

 (+47) 45 86 05 63 


 This is me travelling 

 This is how I spend my summer 

 And this is me skiing! 

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