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RAW / School project


“Today’s world is not the one we want - climate change, financial collapse, poverty, and war leave many feeling overwhelmed and hopeless. Our magazine will empower people with the vision and tools to create a healthy planet and vibrant communities.”

The magazine has all the articles and text, but needs a visual concept, name, logo, layout, grid, type and front and back cover. 
It is also an ad-free publication relying on donations from readers.


The main idea behind the magazine builds upon the name I chose, “Raw”,  that is supposed to represent the raw truth of the world we live in, the raw nature or the raw facts without makeup. 
Many of the pages and the front and back cover features a black running liquid, which is representing the state the world is currently is in; 
polluted by the black oil and the general darkness you see when you look behind all the makeup. RAW.

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Finished design

References and inspiration

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