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EGG / School project


The Egg and Meat Information Office wants to create a recipe booklet aimed at students and young adults. The booklet is about eggs, 
a healthy and cheap raw material with endless possibilities.
The booklet should consist of a front and back page, foreword, table of contents, recipes and contact information / sender. You will be provided with text and pictures to use. It is not allowed to remove or add any of the text, but you choose which photos are right for your product


My concept was to create a booklet that made the reader hungry just looking at it. I wanted to make it easy to navigate and easy to understand, which meant making a simple and straight forward hierarchy. 

I color coded the pages to match up with the tasty photos we were given and I tried to make each section feel a little unique while still building on the same layout to make it come together as a total coherent product. 

References and inspiration

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