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UNDERGRUNN / School project


This was the project I came up with for one of my exams at Noroff. We were allowed to create a project about whatever we wanted, so I decided to make a documentary about the emerging indy music scene in Bergen and make promotional material for it.


A vinyl record case was made as an info brochure on the artist and the tracks featured in the documentary. Inside the cover was a paper vinyl record with all the music featured, this is a working record engraved in plastic and is playable on any record player. 

Unfortunately, the original record cover and record is lost and the photos I took of it too... 
This was just a concept, but I made one real life prototype of it, you can see the cover ready for print and the paper record inside of it to the under.

(hover for description)


Finished design

undergrunn Ferdige-03.jpg
undergrunn Ferdige-01.jpg
undergrunn Ferdige-02.jpg

References and inspiration

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