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BUNO / School project


Buno is a coffee produced by the fictional brand “Beanie”. 
Beanie wants to attract customers that normally gets their coffee fix from high-end coffee bars. They want to focus on innovative and environment friendly packaging that sets them apart in the store shelf. 

Beanie wants a concept, logo, type and packaging; they basically wants a new product and everything that goes with it to get it on the shelves.


Beanie wanted something unique and something environment friendly. 
I spent a long time pondering this and researching how coffee is made, how to package it, where it comes from and how the all the other brands do it. My solution was to create a re-usable container that the customer could return back to the store to fill it up for a discount and therefore eliminating a lot of unnecessary packaging waste. 
Coffee is best stored without oxygen, therefore the jar is filled with nitrogen, which pushes out the lighter oxygen out. 

The name Buno stems from the Ethiopian name for coffee, a coffee which contains the shell of the bean which creates an unique and sweeter taste sure to lure the fanciest of coffee enthusiasts.

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Finished design

References and inspiration

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