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BERGTATT / School project


Bergtatt is a 3 day festival celebrating the fascination and beauty of mountains. It is held in mountainous and scenic Odda, in Norway, with the main gathering area being inside a very large cave that normally facilitates a sports center. 

It is a festival both for kids and grown ups, geology interested and 
people that like trekking (although it is NOT a fitness focused event).
There will be concerts, lectures, hikes, workshops, food and much more; all mountain related.


“Bergtatt” or “Bergta” is an old Norwegian word meaning “taken by the mountain”, literally or it could mean “captivated by” 
(berg means mountain in Norwegian, so its kind of a play on words).
The logo and illustration is inspired by the seven largest peaks on each continent and also by the 5 main types of mountain formations. 

The program itself integrates the seven peaks into its design and gives some information about each of them. The wristbands and posters also incorperates the mountains as a graphical element.

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Finished design

References and inspiration

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